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2022 Conference: Policing 

The 2022 conference, Policing, was held Friday, September 30, 2022. We held a hybrid event: an in-person conference hosted by Harvard University’s Edmond & Lily Safra Center for Ethics together with a Zoom meeting. Here is a link to the recording of the conference presentations by Daniel Fryer, Brandon Hogan, Adam Omar Hosein, Erin Kelly, Tracey Meares, Brianna Remster & Rory Kramer, Alice Ristroph, Neil Roberts, and Jim Wilson.

Editors Eric Beerbohm and Ekow Yankah assembled the following outstanding group of speakers and will edit the volume of NOMOS growing out of the conference:

Panel I (Law): 12:00-1:30 EDT

·         Principal paper: Tracey Meares (Yale)

·         Philosophy commentator: Brandon Hogan (Howard)

·         Political Science commentator: Jim Wilson (Chicago)

Break: 1:30-2:00

Panel II (Political Science): 2:00-3:30 EDT

·         Principal paper: Neil Roberts (Toronto)

·         Philosophy commentator: Erin Kelly (Tufts)

·         Law commentator: Daniel Fryer (Michigan)

Break: 3:30-4:00

Panel III (Philosophy): 4:00-5:30 EDT

·         Principal paper: Adam Hosein (Northeastern)  

·         Law commentator: Alice Ristroph (Brooklyn)

·         Political Science commentators: Brianna Remster (Villanova) & Rory Kramer (Villanova) 

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