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We invite you to join the American Society for Political and Legal Philosophy (ASPLP)—the society that produces NOMOS.

NOMOS volumes have been staples of political and legal philosophical scholarship since 1958. Each volume is based on a one-day conference at the ASPLP annual meeting.  At the conference, one scholar each from law, philosophy and political science presents a paper, with responses by two discussants from each of the other disciplines. Along with other invited submissions, these nine papers form the interdisciplinary structure and core of each NOMOS volume. Contributors to these volumes have included Danielle Allen, Hannah Arendt, Lon Fuller, Amy Gutmann, Frank Michelman, Martha Nussbaum, John Rawls, Judith Shklar, Cass Sunstein, Jeremy Waldron, Michael Walzer, Iris Marion Young, and many other distinguished scholars.

Members of the ASPLP support these activities and ensure that NOMOS continues its venerable history as a premier outlet for scholarship in political and legal philosophy. Members receive copies of the NOMOS volumes (a $65 value). Other membership benefits include:

  • New members will receive a copy of the most recently published NOMOS volume (a new benefit!);
  • Participation in choosing the topic of upcoming NOMOS volumes;
  • Pre-circulation of conference papers and information;
  • Spring and Fall ASPLP Newsletters;
  • An invitation to the ASPLP annual conference and reception (or Zoom meeting);
  • Opportunity to post news about conferences and scholarship on the ASPLP Facebook page. 

We are sustained mostly by membership dues; we hope you will help support the ASPLP by becoming a member or making a donation!

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